Onondaga County will resume use of Johnson & Johnson Covid's single-dose vaccine –

Syracuse, New York. – Onondaga County officials announced Saturday that the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 single-dose vaccine will be re-used in Onondaga County's clinics, according to a health department press release.

County Executive Ryan McMahon and Health Commissioner Dr. Indu Gupta decided to resume use of the single-dose vaccine after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Friday lifted a recommended hiatus from publication.

Use of the vaccine had been on an eleven-day hiatus after United States government officials uncovered 15 vaccine recipients developing a highly unusual type of blood clot from nearly 8 million people who received the J&J shot. All were women, most of them under 50 years of age. Three died and seven remain in the hospital.

The FDA and CDC ruled that J & J's single-dose vaccine was critical to fighting the pandemic – and that the risk of small clots could be treated with warnings to help younger women decide whether to get them Should use shot or an alternative.

Onondaga County plans to keep in constant touch with the New York State Department of Health and will continue to keep residents informed of any developments related to Covid, according to the press release.

Dr. Gupta urges residents to take whatever vaccine they have available first and speak to their healthcare provider if they have any questions about the J&J Covid-19 vaccines.

The availability of the single-dose vaccine will be announced as soon as registration opens for future clinics.

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