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North Syracuse, New York. – Thanks to Covid-19, there is no shortage of anger in Central New York. Now, instead of opening one, the area will have two rage rooms this spring.

After news of the opening of Smash Therapy in Syracuse last week, a local resident reached out to syracuse.com to announce the start of yet another anger dream under development in Sweetheart Corner in northern Syracuse.

It will be called Tantrum City, and owner Ashley Low says it's the perfect place to get an adult tantrum.

"How often does something go wrong every day and you just want to scream and throw things without judgment?" said Low, who grew up in northern Syracuse. "We lost so much entertainment in Syracuse that we wanted to bring something back and give people a place where they can let off steam."

The location on the corner of Taft Road and Route 11 was previously occupied by ShamROCKS Rock and Roll Irish Pub, which closed in 2010 because there was no sprinkler system.

Ashley Low plans to build four indoor spaces in Tantrum City.Photo provided

Low is currently finalizing the terms of 109 E. Taft Rd. Ab and plans to begin construction on four indoor spaces with the help of her family and friends who work in construction.

She had thought about opening this business since she was laid off last year. At first she wanted to wait for the economy to improve, then decided that the time was right.

"Covid was a kick in the butt," Low said. “People are stuck in their homes and freaking out. There are so many people fighting with each other. Now is an ideal time to have an adult tantrum in a controlled area. "

Low and her fiancé Anthony Manzi plan to open the business by April 1st. It will likely open before Smash Therapy, the owner of which is tracking down locations in Syracuse. (Of course there is enough anger to go around.)

Tantrum City will provide weapons (bats, crowbars, golf clubs, and sledgehammers) and items such as electronics, glassware, knickknacks, and auto parts to smash.

"My fiance is a mechanic, so we have access to car stuff." Low said. "We'd like to add ax across the board."

Tantrum City packages cost between $ 35 and $ 125.

Low is currently accepting donations of fragile items from the community, especially glass, ceramics, and empty liquor bottles. Anyone wishing to donate items can send Tantrum City on Facebook or an email to tantrumcity@outlook.com.

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