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Syracuse's 4-1 start is not what Orange fans were expecting, especially with a home loss to Liberty. The struggles naturally lead to the question of how this affects recruiting. Syracuse did a good job in class 2021 and received early commitments from talented prospects.

We reached out to many of their commits to find out their thoughts on the start of the season and how it affects their commitment status.

QB Justin Lamson: "No (it does not affect the obligation status)." Lamson added that he continued to believe in Dino and the direction of the program.

DB Duce Chestnut: "My commitment to Cuse definitely doesn't affect it. Yeah, it's been a tough start, but that's because of injuries and the circumstances they're going through. With the coaching staff we have, I can see they're turning it around."

OL Enrique Cruz: "I am still fully committed to Syracuse. I think this year is just a bad year."

DL / LB Derek McDonald: "I'm not worried about the start of the season. I believe in the coaching team and I've seen some really good flashes of how good the defense can be. I'm looking forward to our class coming up there because I think we can turn things around . "

DL Elijah Fuentes: "Win or lose, Syracuse was the best decision of my life. I love the program and the staff."

OL Tyler Magnuson: "Your performance does not affect my commitment."

DL Jatius Geer: "I'm 100% locked up."

TE Landon Morris on his father: "Both Landon and I see the start of the Syracuse season the same way. Lots of serious injuries and a strange COVID year for everyone will play games in the direction a coach wants his program to run. Landon preferred Syracuse over others because He had that Feeling that the trainers there really value his skills and that he can make a contribution early on when he gets the job done. I see so many children choose a program based on name or fame and not consider whether this program suits his or her game or their game and they go away. I really think Landon did a great job choosing Syracuse. "

OL Wes Hoeh: "It makes me even more excited to come there and hopefully have an impact on the team."

WR Kendall Long: "It doesn't affect me because I'm 100% committed and I'm looking forward to contributing to a great season next year."

DB Malcolm Folk: "No sir, not at all. I'm more excited than ever to hopefully get up there and help you turn things around."

DL Jaelin Moss: "Not at all. Just an unfortunate situation with injuries."

OL Austyn Kauhi: "The season is obviously not going according to plan, but not every plan is set in stone. Things change, injuries happen, people fall off and it happens every time, no matter what program or conference you're on Lack of an advantageous off-season due to the surprise outbreak of COVID-19 that has affected not just Syracuse but the entire sports community is not the case for many players, either physically or psychologically, or both, it's one day at a time and I'm excited to see how Syracuse will do business in the coming weeks. "

DL Terry Lockett: "I will be with Cuse all season, no matter what the results. I am loyal to Cuse and I will never turn away just because it is a difficult moment for her. The 21st class will do it." Be the class that turns Cuse around and helps rebuild the program on what Cuse football really is. "

WR Oronde Gadsden: "It has no effect."

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