Syracuse College to Start Vaccinating College students, Workers Wednesday – Spectrum Information

After a recent spike in COVID-19 cases at Syracuse University, the campus is beginning the task of vaccinating its students and staff.

“Our hope is that by next week, we will have our entire campus population vaccinated,” said Syracuse University Vice Chancellor Michael Haynie.

What You Need To Know

SU received 1,600 doses of Johnson & Johnson from the county and the state
The Barnes Health Center will administer the vaccines to campus students and staff only
Some students have already pre-registered and will be the first to get appointments. Students will register online for the vaccine

SU starts with 1,600 doses of the Johnson & Johnson shot that they received for Onondaga County and the state. Those vaccines will be administered at The Barnes Health Center.

“Unbeknownst to a lot of people, it was Syracuse University’s health center team that was part of the county’s team doing the vaccinations, so that team has already been trained. They know the protocol,” said Haynie.

Students were given an opportunity to pre-register last week and they will be the first to get vaccinated. Students can continue to register online and will be frequently updated on availability.

The clinic will be limited to the campus.

“Right now, we have a decent percentage, more than just a few students who have already been vaccinated, based on other eligibility criteria,” said Haynie.

SU has been a hot spot for local COVID-19 cases. In the last two weeks, there have been nearly 300 positive tests. Bringing the vaccines on campus will help stop the spread.

“I do believe though that once we begin to vaccinate a significant percentage of the population, the opportunity for us to look beyond COVID begins to come clear,” said Haynie.

Haynie wants the vaccine to be required for anyone coming on campus next semester, but a final decision on that has not been made. 

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