Syracuse basketball star Tiana Mangakahia has overwhelmed most cancers off the courtroom. Who’s going to cease her on it? | Get Uplifted – WUSA9.com

WASHINGTON — Returning to the court competitively for the first time following treatment for cancer, Syracuse point guard Tiana Mangakahia put the college basketball world on notice this week: She’s back, and unfortunately for opponents, she’s ready, out there looking like she hasn’t missed a beat. .  

It was in June of 2019 when the Australian native was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer, forcing her to miss the entire season as she underwent multiple surgeries and chemotherapy. After being declared cancer free in November of 2019, she went to work, willing her body and spirit back into playing shape.

One of the top players on her team, it’s been 615 days since the point guard led her teammates on the floor, but there she was in the season opener, leading her squad in minutes played and points scored. And according to her head coach, she’s only playing at 80%. Imagine what she’s going to do when she’s fully back to 100%. After beating cancer off the court, who’s going to stop her on it?     

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