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Jim Carrey channeled “Ace Ventura” in the cold open for “Saturday Night Live,” calling President Donald Trump a “loser” in the 2020 election.

Carrey portrayed President-elect Joe Biden delivering a victory speech alongside Maya Rudolph as Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, urging his supporters to be “gracious.” But Rudolph’s Harris asked if she could rub it in just a little, and played the viral “Lose Yo Job” song on her phone as they danced.

“Unfortunately, there are situations in life, and this is one of them, where there must be a winner and a looossserrr,” Carrey said Saturday night as Rudolph struggled to keep a straight face. “A loo-hoo-ser!”

It was the first episode of “SNL” since the presidential race was called in favor of Biden Saturday morning. The former vice president and Syracuse University College of Law alumnus won Pennsylvania and Nevada, putting him at 290 electoral votes to Trump’s 214; Biden also leads by more than 4 million in the popular vote.

Alec Baldwin reprised his role as President Trump, claiming he was delivering his own “victory speech” and repeating unsubstantiated claims the “election is rigged.” He performed a sad, slow piano rendition of “Macho Man” by the Village People, which has been played at Trump rallies.

“This isn’t a goodbye America, this is a see you in court,” Baldwin’s Trump said.

But in real life, Baldwin said he’s glad to soon be out of a job. Baldwin, 62, has played Trump on “SNL” since 2016, winning an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series.

“I don’t believe I’ve ever been this overjoyed to lose a job before!” the actor wrote on Twitter Saturday afternoon.

It’s unclear how long Carrey and Harris will stay in their roles as Biden and Rudolph. Carrey was a cast member on another sketch comedy show, “In Living Color,” from 1990 to 1994 before his breakout role in “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.” Rudolph was a cast member on “SNL” from 2000 to 2007, but has returned many times in guest appearances.

Other highlights from the “SNL” episode included a lengthy, edgy monologue by host Dave Chappelle, who hosted the sketch comedy show after Trump won in 2016; musical performances by Foo Fighters; and skits about a hailstorm in a fictional suburb of Albany and Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben getting fired.

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