North Syracuse superintendent is ‘so grateful’ for elevated funding from state price range

NORTH SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The North Syracuse superintendent is “so thankful” for the state budget agreed to overnight, which funds the school district to an unexpected extent.

The state budget fully funds “foundation aid,” which is the money districts request from the state for basic operation. For nearly 15 years, the state’s calculation is millions of dollars short of what the district’s expect at a minimum.

Full “foundation aid” gives North Syracuse $13 million more than administrators expected.

With a district budget deadline only days away, and up for a public vote in May, instead of last-minute cuts, the superintendent can add this year. He says the money will help bring down the number of students assigned to each teachers’ classroom, allow for more students in pre-kindergarten programs, fill long-open positions, and bolster the district’s savings account.

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Other superintendents are less excited about the impressive increases on paper, claiming the money is long-owed to districts, adjustments from the pandemic, and extra money from the federal government stimulus.

State Budget Director Rob Mujica told NewsChannel 9 at the Governor’s briefing Wednesday that “foundation aid” will be funded for three years.

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