Madison County man charged with tried homicide after stinging –

Oneida, New York. – A Madison County man was charged with attempted murder after stabbing a woman, according to the Oneida City Police Department.

The sting occurred just before 3 a.m. on Tuesday in the 300 block on North Lake Street in Oneida, police said in a press release on Wednesday. The victim, who was stabbed multiple times, was taken to Oneida Health Hospital and then taken to Upstate University Hospital.

Ronald R. Campany II, 28, was found armed with a knife in a nearby home of a family member, police said. An elderly family member was evacuated from the house, they said.

Police negotiated with Campany but he continued to threaten officers, police said. Officials eventually incapacitated him and disarmed him, police said.

Campany was accused of:

Second degree attempted murderFirst degree slumpCriminal possession of a third degree weaponHeightened criminal contemptSecond degree attackFirst-degree criminal contemptEndangering a child's well-being, 2 countsFourth degree criminal nonsense

He was sent back to Madison County Jail in lieu of $ 250,000 in cash, $ 500,000 in bond, or $ 1 million in unsecured bond.

Campany was arrested by Oneida police on December 23 for violating a protection order for the same victim. He was charged with second degree criminal contempt and was released that day at his own discretion.

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