Holes-in-one for Central New York golfers, September 19-25 –

Here’s a list of holes-in-one and other accomplishments recently made by Central New York golfers.

Jeff Okon, May 31 on the Hole #8, 152-yard, 8th hole at Lakeshore using a 7-iron, Witnessed by Carmen Perrotti, Mark Centolella and John Tassini.

Jeff Okon, August 11, on the 140-yard, 14th hole at Lakeshore using an 8-iron. Witnessed by Gair Carrigan, Vince Targia and Dave Massett.

Rob Oboyle, September 23, on the 86-yard 8th hole at Burnet Park GC using a 7-iron. Witnessed by Bob McCarthy, Bob Sisson, Fred Sisson.

Joe VanLiew, September 22, on the 145-yard 18th hole at Millstone Golf Course using an 8-iron. Witnessed by Troy Lott and Justin Minnoe.

Joe Wilcox, September 23, on the 120-yard 2nd hole at Emerald Crest Golf Course using a 6-iron. Witnessed by Tom Pasos.

Tom Lynch, September 10 on the xx-yard 6th hole at the Links at Erie Village using a 9-iron. Witnessed by Ryan Cummings.

Nick Britton, September 19, on the 181-yard 4th hole at Westvale Golf Club using a hybrid. Witnessed by Henry Payne.

Rob Rayo, September 20 on the 160-yard, par 3, 13h hole at Northern Pines using a 6-iron. Witnessed Tony Dottolo, Tom Raulli and Paul Raulli.

Dan Aird, September 20, on the 125-yard 14th hole at WaNoa GC using a utility club. Witnessed by Derec Kovkides, Ted Sullivan, and Doug Hilleges.

Phil Meagley, September 16, on the 168-yard 11th hole at McConnellsville GC using a 6 iron. Witnessed by Dave Molta, Rocco Longo, and Mike Calandria. It was his sixth ace.

Charity Golf

Check out this year’s Charity Golf Tournaments. The listing can be found here.

Shoot Your Age

Clark Mercer, age 83, shot a 78 and Bill Applegate age 81, shot a 78 at the Millstone Golf Course on September 24. Witnessed by Sam Pappa and Neil Strong.

Jim Donahoe, age 77, shot his age at Radisson Greens, on September 23. Witnessed by John Tucciarone and Mike Mirra.

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