COVID Cluster: Syracuse College college students react to the unfold of the virus on campus

Posted: Oct 7, 2020 / 01:46 PM EDTUpdated: Oct 7, 2020 / 01:46 PM EDT

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — A cluster of COVID-19 cases has popped up on Syracuse University’s campus. On Wednesday, university leaders said that the cluster came from one or more social gatherings happening off-campus over the weekend.

Now, they’re tightening up their protocols and testing thousands of students to track the virus. On Tuesday, the university tested 3,000 students at the dome. On Wednesday, they’re expecting to test thousands more.

NewsChannel 9 visited Syracuse University to see how the students are feeling as the virus spread in their home away from home.

“Not necessarily in this capacity or anything but I think if you look at any other school, I mean at one point, something was bound to happen,” said Camran Shealy, a sophomore at SU.

Others are dissapointed.

“I was a little bit surprised that people would do that after we’ve been doing so well. And I’m also disappointed because they ruined activities for everyone on campus,” said Erica Trobia, a sophomore at SU.

The university has canceled all in-person events and activities except for of course classes and intercollegiate sports, but in the meantime, students are required to wear a mask and they’ve got signs posted all over campus to monitor for covid symptoms.

“I’ve talked to my friends that go to other schools out of state and their schools have definitely not done as much testing as Syracuse has,” Trobia said.

There’s also a tighter limit on social gatherings. Students can’t hang out with more than five people at a time, outside of their roommates.

“I mean, I think it’s definitely unfortunate that you have to do that but I think that everyone kind of has the same idea that we don’t want to go home so if that’s what has to be done for it then,” Shealy said.

Not the fall semester they planned for, but many are willing to do what it takes to stay safe.

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